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Whether you’re heating the house, needing properly sourced wood for a camp fire or just looking to have a romantic night… There's nothing like a cozy fire, burnin' and crack-a-lin' in the fireplace!

All of our firewood is 100% recycled wood from job sites! Which means we recycle the debris product that comes from removing a dead or hazardous tree. We haul the debris to our facility and then store it, until we cut it down into lengths of 18 inch’s and split it into FIREWOOD! Most of the trees that we source for our firewood are already dead and have been dead for years! We DO NOT cut down live, healthy, trees just for firewood! If we do happen to cut down any live, healthy, trees for a client… we store the wood and “Season” the wood to reduce creosote buildup in your chimney.

Freshly cut wood may contain as much as 100 percent moisture, which means the water in the wood weighs more than the wood. Building a fire from wet wood, also called “green wood”, is less efficient and less safe than using properly dried or "seasoned" firewood. Firewood should have 20 percent moisture or less, according to the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The reasons why we don’t sell green wood:

Decreased Efficiency

Burning wet wood is less efficient than burning dry wood because so much energy is lost in warming water to steam. Vaporizing a pound of water wastes about 1,200 British thermal unit, or BTU, a measure of heat. In contrast, a pound of firewood that contains 20 percent moisture provides about 7,000 BTU of heat, according to University of Missouri Extension

Safety Concerns

Burning wet wood in a fireplace may also be dangerous to your health. Wet wood produces more smoke than dry wood, which releases more pollutants and small particles into the air. Burning wet wood in a fireplace can also cause creosote buildup in your chimney, which may create a fire hazard, according to University of Illinois Extension. This occurs because wet wood produces less heat, which allows creosote to build up on the fireplace flue.

Seasoning Firewood

Season freshly cut firewood by storing it in a covered outside location off the ground for at least six months. Dense hardwoods may require a year or more to season effectively. Place the wettest wood in the back of your storage area or on the bottom of the firewood stack to ensure you use seasoned wood first. If you purchase firewood, verify that it has been dried in a covered location for at least six months.

Doesn't matter how small or large the amount of wood you want, we got you covered! Contact us today to get your wood delivered(720)667-9256

YES! We do deliveries! Our price breakdown is on this page. Take look at the different options that we have and see what suites your needs.

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Hard Wood:

(Full Cord-$300) (Half Cord-$175)

Pine Wood:

(Full Cord-$225) (Half Cord-$120)

Mixed Hard/Pine:

(Full Cord-$275) (Half Cord-$150)

Delivery Charge:

$50 Per Delivery

Stacking Charge:

$100 Per Cord


Once the order is placed, a representative will contact you with-in 24hrs. Please remember to provide a phone number for us to call you back at!